Friday, March 12, 2010

Wacky day, not so wacky song

Chatmonchy - Last Love Letter


Genre: alternative, maybe shoegazing
Song style: high-pitched female vocals, good bass

I have to say from what I've heard so far, I find Chatmonchy a little bland. But I'm a big fan of the bass in this song, and it sort of grows on you (skip ahead a bit in the video by the way, it has a long intro). Today was strange, got a free salon haircut, had a free Italian dinner, then went to a Russian fashion show but got turned away because of my underage sister. Then got praised / yelled at by random homeless people. So many random strangers talked to us today, it was sort of annoying. And then as we were stuck in between stations in the train, I listened to some Rin Toshite Shigure as I watched an old man go senile through Sudoku, putting the same numbers next to each other and in the same squares. This video also explores senility versus youth (the only connection I can get to my day hehe). They will be performing at Japan Nite at San Fran, LA, and NY, as the most well-known band on the tour, so maybe both you and I should do more research on these gals.

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