Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Missed a new release!

Straightener - Toneless Twilight

Genre: alternative, indie
Song style: slow, soft, contemplative melodic vocals

I can't believe I missed this - Straightener's new album "Creatures" came out about two weeks ago, on March 3. Here's a song off of it, which is nice but somewhat slow. My first post ever on this blog is still their best song thus far and definitely the best of the album. I find some Straightener songs really hit the spot but often the rest of the album lays flat. I like this album most compared to their others so far, but I'll still probably only pick out specific songs for my mp3 player rotation.
Since starting this blog, there's such a torrent of new music for me to listen to! It's exciting but also hard because I still try to keep up a variety without putting complete junk on here, but I'm also afraid of one day when I run out of artists to talk about. I have so many albums I'm trying to get into right now but also so many "waiting in line". Hopefully I'll reach a good balance, 頑張ります!

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