Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catchy music from dramas: Samurai High School

Monobright - 孤独の太陽

Genre: nerd rock, alternative
Song style: a slow-paced but guitar-filled vocal-melody driven song

The reason why I like this song is that the vocal melody is such a Japanese melody (you'd never find this in an American song). I tend to really like these melodies that fluctuate through many notes within minor / Japanese scales. But what really gets to me is that the singer looks like he is in such pain, making the visuo-audal combination of the song slightly tedious. I promise you, their other songs are more fun and dance-y. This song goes along with a drama I really enjoyed over Thanksgiving break (I know, so long ago! But a good counterpoint to the end of spring break) called "Samurai High School". It's a light-hearted high school drama about a talentless student with a split personality as a samurai from many centuries ago. The show brought a lot of laughs. Monobright gained a lot of fame creating the theme song for this show (it got them in the Oricon charts), and has a new single anticipated for mid-April so we'll see if they can keep up their popularity!

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