Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New releases EVERYWHERE: サカナクション

Of what I know, three bands released new material today (3/17/10)! Here are three blog posts in commemoration of this mid-March material, from "worst" to "best"

サカナクション - 目が明く藍色

Note: A little bit better than the other two... Gold medal for now

Genre: alternative, electronic
Song style: Seems slow and sad but then randomly gets epic and electronic

At first I started listening to this song and I was like ugh sounds really slow... but then I got really into the song, and the video's very interesting too (it looks random but it has a story to it). This comes off of サカナクション's new CD released today "kikUUiki", which also includes catchy song アルクアラウンド. I'm excited to give this album a go. These guys are gonna be playing various rock festivals in Japan over the summer, I hope I can catch them at one!

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