Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cover: The Blue Sky

Quruli - 青い空

Genre: alternative, indie
Song style: up-beat alternative, reminiscent of Weezer

Quruli is a really classic Japanese band that has influenced many recent Japanese bands, and is in HMV's ranking of top 100 most influential Japanese musicians. I would call these guys the Japanese Weezer for both their sound and the road they paved. Quruli in general is a little slow for my tastes, but I also like their more techno-sounding song World's End Supernova (recommended if you like サカナクション) if you want another taste. Last year, a bunch of bands came out with a tribute album of covers for Quruli, and this is how I discovered them - my favorite band 9mm Parabellum did a cover of this song:

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