Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The flowers of dreams

The Back Horn - 夢の花

Genre: hard rock, punk
Song style: unstereotypical of them, melodic and soft

Here's a second posting of The Back Horn in honor of the DVD they released exactly a month ago (2/10/10) entitled "Emotion Picture Vol 2". A couple of weeks after its release, it managed to reach number 10 in the Oricon music DVD charts, congrats! That's the Back Horn's highest DVD ranking yet. I decided to present a different side to them - a more contemplative, emotional side (contrasted with the Cobalt Blue post). I remember when I went to Japan alone for the first time (back in 2007) and had little access to music - no computer, just a junky PocketPC. My friend took the effort to ship a SD card over from America filled with a collection of all of the Back Horn's music. So this band was my soundtrack for a couple of months. The purple flowers in my garden bloomed for the first time today, so a fitting song to post.

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