Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meteors and Ballads

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - 流星とバラード

Genre: ska
Song style: nostalgic, simple but nice melody.

This is Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra's new single (3/10/10) "流星とバラード", celebrating their 20th anniversary - can you believe it? I'm not much of a ska person, but I saw them play this song on Japanese TV show Music Station (we get our broadcasts a couple of weeks late) and found that I really liked it. Apparently these guys haven't all played together for eight years. I think they pull it together nicely.

PS - As a side note, I got a hold of サカナクション's "kikUUiki" yesterday after my blog posts and I find the album really revolutionary and innovative. サカナクション has really grown up!

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