Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New releases EVERYWHERE: Cali≠gari

Of what I know, three bands released new material today (3/17/10)! Here are three blog posts in commemoration of this mid-March material, from "worst" to "best"

cali≠gari - マネキン

Note: Umm... not my style. Silver medal.

Genre: visual kei, hard rock
Song style: a straight-up punk/metal song, with no semblances of melody.

Not a fan of this song, but it's good to see cali≠gari releasing new stuff since their hiatus a while back. This is off of their fresh album of today, "≠". There are three versions: "卑劣盤" (3500円 with tax), which seems to include a DVD collection of music videos and porno videos they made, "姑息盤" (3500円 with tax), which includes a DVD with a documentary and concert features, and "良心盤" (2000円), which is just the album. Umm... collect them all?

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