Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm not Incanto Shine

Acid Black Cherry - Black Cherry

Genre: pop-rock, light visual-kei
Song style: jazzy turned to rocky, catchy big band

Note: Because the video has a long (and I feel boring) silent intro, I have made the video start from the song. Feel free to rewind and start from the beginning!

Though Yasu's (singer of Janne Da Arc) project "Acid Black Cherry" has been hitting up the mainstream for a while, I find their music very catchy and listenable, with pop-like hooks but catchy heavy riffs. The lyrics for this song are also pretty exciting and scandalous (along with the video)! I feel like this song can really show the power of J-rock - I've shown this video to my American friends, and by the end of it, they ask me to show them more. The past couple of days I've been constantly eating delicious Japanese food out with my family (ahh nice to be home) so it's fitting to put a very "stereotypical" (but fun!) J-rock band in here. These guys have been my wake-up alarm for half a year now.

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