Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gamble on this rainy day

Shiina Ringo - Gamble

Genre: jazz rock
Song style: a powerful, sensual orchestral song

This is an amazing song by Shiina Ringo that comes off of the soundtrack for the movie "Sakuran" - which I highly recommend (it's essentially a Japanese Moulin Rouge, about geisha in surrealistic colors). A good pace to a stale day of what feels like almost 72 hours of rain thus far. She's also in the group Tokyo Jihen, which had a release last month (which I mentioned back in the day).
The past couple of days, Western music has found its way back onto my plate - I've been listening to Boards of Canada, Hot Chip, and Casey Desmond for various random reasons. Luckily I still have a long list of Japanese artists waiting their turn for a blog post, and I'm sure soon enough I'll return to the dark side. A couple of days ago I downloaded the Novembers album "picnic" and I have to say it unfortunately didn't impress me as much as expected (though I'm addicted to the song "ama retto").

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