Monday, March 22, 2010

Concert: More Chatmonchy

As a quick note, Chatmonchy has decided to perform an additional date in NYC, tonight at Cake Shop. It's $7, 21+, and they're performing first. Doors open at 8 (so in 10 minutes). Go support them!!

By the way, just to ramble - I had an amazing night at Japan Nite at the Bowery Ballroom yesterday! All the bands were amazing in some way (which surprised me, because I wasn't really expecting much). After the show, my friend and I got to talk with most of the bands and take photos - they were all so sweet and friendly! (New love for JinnyOops! and the Red Bacteria Vacuum - also got photos with Chatmonchy!). I bought Omodaka's cd so expect some reporting on that, along with info on the other bands I haven't mentioned yet. We made so many friends that night, it was amazing. :-) We were asked to be interviewed by a Japanese tv station, but my friend and I were with the bands so long that the TV crew had already left. Came back to school at 7am today. What a dream.

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