Friday, March 5, 2010

The beginning of spring break!

cali≠gari - -踏-

Genre: visual kei, electronic punk
Song style: catchy, industrial

I've held out for so long, not putting any visual kei music on this blog! For those who don't know, visual kei is like Japanese glam-rock, where artists usually have crazy hair and makeup, there is an emphasis on androgyny, and there is usually a similar vocal style. Many people seem to think Japanese rock = visual kei, and in my opinion, too many foreigners worship visual kei more than the credit it deserves. With that said, there are still catchy tunes (and bands) within the visual kei sphere that can still be appreciated along with (or in spite of) the wacky visuals. It is also an important part of the Japanese rock music scene, so I can't ignore it completely. A friend sent me cali≠gari about half a year ago and I found their musical style very unique and experimental. This is their first single after a long, six-year hiatus, which came out last summer.

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