Friday, March 19, 2010

Red-haired Kelly

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - 赤毛のケリー

Genre: garage rock, punk rock
Song style: intense, nostalgic, sophisticated garage rock

I had trouble with deciding whether to call these guys oldies since most of their activity was in the 90s, but this song came out 2001 so I guess they're safe. I'm a huge fan of this song, has just such a cool vibe to it. The rest of TMGE's music is a little too thrash/guitary for me (constant shouting) but these guys are considered one of Japan's big punk rock gods. Too bad they broke up in 2003. It's nearing the end of spring break, but sounds like it'll go out with a splash. This red-haired Wilma is going off to have coffee with someone who suddenly wants to meet, it may be the last time. Then going to a man-filled party of people I don't know hehe~.

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