Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thoughts of this crazy weekend

Insane snow down in Washington DC, and weird plans to try and postpone my dream world of Japan this weekend as I go to a fashion show with one Japanese man, and then a go-kon the following day with people I barely know. I bring to you this crazy but calming song:

Far France - 真昼にて

Genre: Noise Rock (how would you categorize this band?)
Song style: Crazy, high energy

I remember when I first discovered this band, I was waiting excitedly at a small club in Kyoto for my crush's band to start playing. As I waited, they cycled through independent artists' music, and this song came up. While the video is nothing worth watching, Far France's music is eccentric and exciting. I enjoyed seeing my friend play as well. After the show, he walked me to the bus stop and waited for the bus with me. What happened after that is a secret ;-) I hope he continues to play great music and spread it past the small confines of Kyoto. In the meantime, I hope Far France also gains success. They have only one album out, and not even a Japanese Wikipedia article yet. Please give them lots of support!

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