Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now for a slight change of pace

Maximum the Hormone - ぶっ生き返す

Genre: nu metal
Song style: very heavy, mix of metal, rap, punk elements with male & female vocals

Long long ago, I used to be a big metal fan and so here is some recent crazy Japanese nu-metal to bring a mix to this blog (also was requested by a friend!) I remember going on a long 5-hour road trip along the East Coast (of the US) with my family and being surprised to hear Maximum the Hormone (MTH) come onto the radio after some very tame light-fare pop music. Turns out someone in my family used extra gift card money to buy a random CD and wow were they surprised (hehe)!

I am very impressed with MTH's variety of talents which lets them mix different styles (3 people in the band do vocals!). Tempos and styles often switch within one song, and the quirky lyrics also up the intrigue-factor. I don't recommend this band for deep introversion or those with more melodic upbringings. Unfortunately this band is temporarily out of circuit, with one singer recently undergoing throat surgery (the sad fate of many metal artists...) and the drummer getting pregnant. However, this band has been achieving a lot of success (Their video 爪爪爪 actually won MTV Rock Video of 2009, random!) and hopefully will keep churning along their high-energy stuff.

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