Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oldies: Blue Chateau

Blue Comets - Blue Chateau

Genre: group sounds
Song style: happy and chill, Beatles-ish

So this is where it all started! Back in the 60's Japan had a bunch of underground bands that grew out of inspiration from The Beatles. This style of music was called "Group Sounds" and helped create the start of indie / garage band music in Japan. Look at this guy rock it out on the flute! I saw a broadcast of one of their recent shows (like 2009!) and I thought their music was so cute and catchy that I had to put it on here. Sadly now, they're old men delegated to playing their old hit songs for old audiences. But here they are, preserved by the magic of youtube, all young and hot for us, playing on the Ed Sullivan Show around 1967 (must have been so high profile to make it into America!). I'm amazed to see their English is pretty sound too. So keep these roots in mind as we continue on our exploration of contemporary indies music!

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