Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remix: Boom boom fact

Fact - A Fact of Life (Boom Boom Satellites Remix)

Genre: electronic + punk
Song style: quirky, builds up slowly in waves to an eventually very heavy ending

I thought this would be a good follow-up post after introducing both Fact (the second video I posted) and then Boom Boom Satellites. I feel like it takes the good parts out of "Fact of Life" and adds a very different flavor to it. The video is also a cute homage to Fact's aesthetic - instead of being men in suits wearing Noh masks, we have modern dancers wearing these young female Noh masks which then turn to demons as the song gets heavier. As an aside, I'm really liking Boom Boom Satellite's album Exposed (2007). It seems like that was their most recent album, and "Back on My Feet" from yesterday is just a separate single that was released in 2009. This week so far, my life has been so mundane that it has become surreal to me, and these two bands have been adding a heavy, bizarre edge to things.

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