Friday, February 26, 2010

Jazzy Friday night

椿屋四重奏 (Tsubakiya Shijyuusou) - 恋わずらい

Genre: Jazz rock, alternative
Song style: sultry and jazzy

This video starts out so fitting for the song, with the hot singer seducing us and then it just gets weird, with lipstick smearing and pig masks. Don't quite understand it, but I find this tune extremely catchy. Though most of 椿屋四重奏's other songs aren't quite as jazzy, they have a very sophisticated, comfortable style that really supports the talented vocalist. These guys started around 2000, and their most recent song was probably their cover of Burn on the Yellow Monkeys Tribute album (which I will definitely blog about!) A good tune as I wait for a concert in my dorm to get started up, and after a long day of walking endlessly through the snow.

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