Monday, February 15, 2010

I would have taken more time than 7 days

Radwimps - おしゃかしゃま

Genre: Indie
Song style: Complex instrumentals, contemplative vocals, catchy rhythm

Each time I hear wisps of intricate guitar parts or meaningful and fast-paced vocals, I instinctively reach for my phone because this song has been my ringtone for the past half-year. It's nice to experience phantom ring syndrome with such a catchy tune. I would have to say this was the best Japanese song of 2009, and also by far the Radwimps's best song (gotta say, not a big fan of Order Made, いいんですか, etc). I remember in my last week in Kyoto, playing this song on repeat and going for an hour-long walk through the town. I eventually reached the river, where I found a friend and a set of fire dancers. We laid out a sheet, plugged the song into some speakers, and twirled around and danced like crazy people, almost falling into the river. I only wish the Radwimps could put out more well thought-out songs like this. After constant play, I'm still not sick of it.

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