Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi everyone!

My name's Wilma and I'm a big music lover. I just came back from a year-long study abroad in Kyoto, and I'm planning on going back to Japan after graduating from college. I have become obsessed with the Japanese music scene - I check the Oricon charts weekly and download a new cd every week.

However, I can almost never find people who have a similar interest in Japanese indies music. Many Japanese university students fall into the same old, worn-out tastes: Mr. Children, Greeeen, etc etc. And then many Americans have a strange view of Japanese music, getting it mostly from anime or Johnny's Entertainment. Although good music sometimes comes out of those venues as well, I would like to introduce the world of Japanese rock music to you from a non-otaku taste. Welcome to the world of Japanese indies.

I am always excited to hear your opinions and recommendations on music as well. Please leave comments freely and let me know how to make this blog better!

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