Saturday, February 20, 2010

Go, Action!!!

Ego-Wrappin' - Go Action

Genre: jazz/funk rock
Song style: trippy, happy, swing-dancey, funky

Okay so I know I posted the jazziness of Tokyo Jihen very recently, but I promise this band is very different! This song is sort of trippy and I'd even put it closer to the same category of Far France. I woke up today with this stuck in my head and proceeded to listen to it on repeat while working on my homework (which is still not done after 3 hours, ugh!) I also downloaded their newest cd (2009) "Ego-Wrappin and the Gossip of Jaxx" and I like what I hear. Nice chill music. Strangely enough, I guess it's become my work tune. I first discovered this song while working at a research lab over the summer. I was alone in the back with a bunch of animals, me the only human, trudging away at my big desk and computer. So I went on little youtube trails where you hop along "Related Videos" and I discovered this catchy tune. I forgot about it completely until today when I needed something to make my programming problem set a little less painful.

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