Sunday, April 4, 2010

Been so busy these days

Half-Life - 色彩

Genre: indie
Song style: soft, very "adult" indie. Somewhat reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World

First of all, Happy Easter and Happy April Fools day! I didn't have the guts to pull a lame trick on you guys. The weather has become nicer here but so much has been going on (both academically and not) that it was hard to update in the last couple of days. I'm in the mood for something chill like Half-Life to help me relax this last day of the weekend. This band actually started off in Canada and then moved their activities to Japan (and they're all Japanese members). I have to say it's quite unfortunate they chose a band name that shares the name of a popular video game, because it's hard to find info on them specifically. However, I've had their 2009 debut release "Second Narrow" in my computer for a while, and it's very relaxing (but not too mentally stimulating music) that's perfect for an airy, springy day like today.

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